Last week, Egyptian swimmer Farida Osman was recognized as the Best Female Athlete from Africa at the Association of National Olympic Committee (ANOC) Awards 2017.

This achievement came three months after she made national history by winning Egypt's first-ever medal at the FINA World Championships.

In 2017, the ANOC Awards were hosted at the Forum Karlín - one of Prague’s premier venues for cultural, social, and professional events

The 22-year old Egyptian swimmer dedicated her award to Africa, tweeting "Honored to represent all African, Arab and Egyptian Women!"

Osman was not the only swimmer to win this year, as two other athletes earned the title in the swimming category. 

Best Female Athlete from Europe went to Swedish swimmer Sarah Sjöström, and Best Male Athlete from Africa went to Chad Le Clos from South Africa. 

ANOC was established in 1979 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 2012, the presidency of the association was transmitted to Kuwaiti Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah.

Two years later, Al-Sabah established the ANOC Awards.

Social media reactions were plentiful and quite emotional

Egyptians were happy and proud of their champion, to say the least... 

Social media platforms were inundated with congrats and celebrations after Osman announced her success.

Pride was strongly felt on Twitter

"A pride for us all!"

"Very proud and happy for you"


Applauds for the "princess"

"Of course you deserve it"

The Embassy of Egypt in USA joined the chat

Both winners from Africa