egyptian girl wrote will

Have you ever had a flu condition that got you feeling like you're on the verge of death? Well, one Egyptian preteen took that feeling a tad too seriously and went on to prepare for the worst-case scenario, winning over the internet along the way.

In a tweet that has amassed over 13,900 retweets, Twitter user Ahmed Meghawry wrote that his 9-year-old sister Mariam decided to write her will after getting the flu. 

"My little sister had a mild flu. She worried about dying so she wrote her will," Meghawry captioned the photo.

In her will, which is bursting with childish innocence, Mariam apologizes for dying and expresses her love for the people in her life.

Here's what it read: 

"Dear mom, dad, siblings and friends, I would like to tell you that I love you very much, more than anything else. But, I'm sorry I love Allah and his prophet more. Please know that I love you all and do not prefer anyone over the other. I love you and I'm sorry I died. I truly apologize for my long absence."

Mariam then concluded her letter with, "Goodbye forever. We will meet during Judgment Day, God willing."

Twitter users are obsessing over the entire thing

Cuteness overload

People can't get over the fact that she actually apologized for dying

"(Quoting Mariam) I apologize for dying."

Many users can relate

"My level of drama"

She is definitely a drama queen in the making

"Extra" never sounded so accurate


"This is me at the beginning of every week"

Mariam thanks her fans

In response to the exciting feedback, Meghawry decided to shoot a video of his sister thanking the people who shared and commented on the initial tweet.

"Thank you for all the cute and lovely comments. I love you all," she says in the video.