Iranian state television presenter, Azadeh Namdari, has come under fire on social media after a video of her not wearing the hijab and drinking beer  went viral, BBC reported

The video, which first emerged on July 24, was reportedly taken in Switzerland, where the presenter is spending her summer vacation. 

Many on social media are outraged at the fact that Namdari is seen drinking in the video, given that alcohol is prohibited in Islam. 

However, it remains unclear whether she was drinking alcoholic or alcohol-free beer.

Namdari is being labelled a "hypocrite" for taking off her hijab while outside of Iran - a country where it is the law for women to wear it. 

The labeling highlights the fact that she is a well-known proponent of the country's strict Islamic dress code. 

According to BBC, "a photo of her in full hijab was once published in the conservative Iranian newspaper Vatan-e Emruz under the headline: 'Thank God, I wear the veil.'"

Namdari responds

Amid the social media controversy, Namdari decided to send out a response via a two-minute video statement published by the Young Journalists' Club (YCJ) news agency. 

"This time wearing a hijab, she explained she was sitting with family members and 'maharem' - close relatives among whom a woman does not need to wear a hijab - in a park," BBC wrote. 

She added that "her scarf fell suddenly and the video was taken at that instant by an unknown person." 

In her response, Namdari made no mention of the beer she was seen drinking. 

Backlash on social media

Soon after the video went viral on social media, thousands took to the hashtag #Azadeh_Namdari in response. 

Even after Namdari responded to the controversy, people continued to attack her on social media, claiming her response was unconvincing.

However, a few defended the TV presenter, saying it's her personal freedom to do whatever she sees fit.

Many have labelled the TV presenter a "hypocrite"

Others expressed their outrage

A few defended Namdari

And raised this important point

But others still made it clear that the attack did not shame Namdari for not wearing her veil but for being "dishonest" about it