Last week, the world was introduced to Omar Kamal, a Palestinian singer who's just been signed by Sony Middle East. He's been dubbed the Palestinian Frank Sinatra and he's taking the interwebs by storm. And if you're a fan of Christmas Carols, you're going to want to add him to your season's playlist.  

Kamal has his sights set on earning the top spot for a Christmas single and after releasing his debut album, he's going on tour.  Keep your eyes open; this vocal sensation might be hitting your town very soon! 

Born and raised in Nablus, he started playing the piano at the age of nine and later the violin. In 2010 he traveled to the UK to study at Cardiff University where he founded the university's chapter of the Sinatra Society and became their lead singer. 

He released his first single just about a month ago

His debut single, Love Never Felt So Good, is his own take of Michael Jackson's song of the same title. His upcoming album was produced by a world renowned producers that have worked with Metallica, Michael Buble, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams and Nelly Furtado. 

His rendition of the Palestinian national anthem is eargasmic!

One more song for the road!