British actress Wallis Day
Source: Pixabay

British actress, Wallis Day, majorly teased Saudi fans over the weekend, suggesting she might be visiting the kingdom soon. 

Being the over-enthusiastic Twitter users that they are, her Saudi fans did not hold back, expressing excitement about the news and urging the actress to make the trip. 

While it turned out that the Krypton star was not actually going to the kingdom, Saudis took Day's Twitter account by storm and even inspired her to learn Arabic.

It all began with a Twitter poll in which Wallis asked her fans to guess where she was headed

A whopping 86% out of a total of 75,219 voters guessed that she was traveling to Saudi Arabia, with hundreds of Saudi Twitter users commenting on Day's tweets and convincing her to visit the kingdom.

Saudi hospitality was on full display

"Come to Saudi Arabia, we're living in 3017"

Because there ain't no party like a khaleeji party

"Yalla, please!"

"In Saudi Arabia, we have Arabic coffee and dates from Al-Qassim. Yalla (come on), please."

Who can deny how tempting these photos look?

But not everyone was excited about the news ...

Conspiracy theories ensued

This Twitter user believes Day is interested in Saudi Arabia for one of two reasons: Either because her account was hacked, or she's dating a Saudi.

To Saudis' disappointment, it turned out that the actress was actually travelling to Los Angeles

But Saudis' enthusiasm inspired Wallis to learn Arabic

And Saudi men were quick to offer their services

"Come over, I will teach you, my love."

"Come to DM, I will teach you"

Saudis "lit" up Wallis' Twitter account

Humoring her Saudi fans, she posted a tweet with "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" as a location, although she is currently in the United States.