Long before the kingdom lifted its ban on women driving, a Bedouin woman defied it day in and day out and she's now breaking Saudi Twitter. 

Dohaya Al Hazemi, who hails from the country's Northern region, shared her incredible story in a report aired over the weekend as part of Saudi news program MBC in a Week

Speaking to the show's news reporter, the woman said she had been driving in the country for over twenty years. 

She also explained she was shocked to recently learn that women were previously not allowed to drive in the kingdom, as she had never been stopped or bothered for driving in the area where she lives.

"I learned how to drive when I was thirteen"

In her statement on the show, Al Hazemi said she learned how to drive when she was just thirteen. 

"To this day, I drive, I pick up my kids from school, I own land and also go there to check up on work. I've passed by several checkpoints here and it has never been a problem," she said. 

"Driving a car has been the norm for women here for so long. I fully agree with the decision to allow women to drive in the kingdom, it'll allow them to depend on themselves," she added. 

Over the years, Al Hazemi has driven seven cars and learned how to do basic maintenance on all of them. She also often drives trucks and other large vehicles.

The news story caused quite the stir on Saudi Twitter

Some didn't quite believe all the story's details...

"Why would she be shocked over the fact that women were banned from driving? Where was she living? This is fake news."

And had their doubts...

"Maybe she's living on a mountain without internet or a mobile phone, that's the only way to explain it." 

Some thought the woman was never found out because she lives in the desert

"Who's going to see her when she's living in the desert?"

Others thought the story made sense...

"I don't blame her for being shocked because driving is a basic right and the rhetoric of those who were against women driving is stupid and regressive." 

"Women have been driving for decades in small towns and villages"

Many similar testaments rolled in...

"It's the same in Al Qaseem, women have been driving for tens of years and were shocked when they recently learned that women were previously banned from driving across the kingdom." 

Some tweeps thought Al Hazemi is amazing...

"How beautiful is she?"

"This is a woman better than a thousand men"

"There are so many families who live without men to drive them around"

"Women have always been taking the wheel a driving, it isn't shameful, nor haram"