Muslim women rejoice! The days of removing nail polish before praying are gone, as the American beauty brand Orly has launched a collection of breathable nail polish that is 100% halal.

Orly teamed up with, the largest online platform for Muslim women in the U.S., to release #HalalPaint, a new collection of six different nail polish shades that allow oxygen and moisture to pass through them.

#HalalPaint is considered to be the first of its kind to be produced by a major American beauty brand.

Confused about what makes nail polish halal? You're not alone ...

No, it's not about meat.

Most Muslim schools consider that Muslims cannot perform wudu, the mandatory washing ritual performed before prayer while wearing nail polish. 

This is justified by the fact that traditional nail polish creates a barrier on the skin, blocking water from entering. Traditional schools require water to touch every part of the hands during wudu.

Orly's #HalalPaint is said to be completely permeable. It was created with 100 percent halal ingredients certified by the Islamic Society of the Washington.

"It lessens the barrier that varnish creates against your ablution water and promotes nail health! It’s even vitamin-enriched with argan oil, vitamins C and B5, and all the goodies your beautiful hands need," states.

Plus, according to Orly’s digital director, the polish's permeability results in longer-lasting manicures and helps hydrate the nails.

The best part of it all is the sassy names given to its different shades, such as "Haram-Bae", "The Perfect Amani-Cure", "What the Fatima?" and "Ig-Noor the Haters".

"This collaboration with ORLY is a major way that we are making space for diversity in the beauty industry. There’s no reason why options shouldn’t be available for all women to practice beauty in the way that suits them and satisfies their needs," adds. "We’re not defined by mainstream industries, we’re redefining them."

ORLY certainly isn’t the first company to produce prayer-friendly nail polish, as brands including Poland-based Inglot Cosmetics and the Canadian company Tuesday in Love have previously created nail polish that is said to be water permeable. 

Girls are thrilled about #HalalPaint

"#HalalPaint makes me happy on so many levels"

Inclusivity for the win!

And of course, gotta appreciate those sassy names

One less #MuslimGirlProblem to worry about!

The six-piece collection is available for preorder on for $49.