This week Nike announced its plans to launch Nike Pro Hijab, a sportswear collection that caters to modest and hijab-wearing women. Yes, it's good news for active hijabis ... but not all hijabis are happy.  

Hend Amry, a Libyan-American freelance writer and Twitter influencer, is really, really, really upset because she's been using the lack of athletic hijabs as an excuse to avoid running. 

"This is horrible! I've been successfully using hijab as an excuse to avoid running for years," Amry tweeted yesterday.  

The tweet has since gone viral, garnering over 4,000 retweets ... because well, it's just hilarious. 

But there's a catch. Hend Amry was actually a runner five years ago.

"So I have to admit, I don't hate running. I actually used to run regularly," Amry told StepFeed. 

She stopped running following an ankle injury back at the time.  

Amry is known for putting humor and sarcasm into almost everything. In the case of Nike Pro Hijab, she genuinely thinks it's a great step forward.  

"It's great for Muslim women who want to be active and just like any other woman on earth, can benefit from sportswear that's designed for an active body," she said.  

"This line of active wear developed for a specific consumer base is simply a reflection of popular demand for a product." 

Although many people have been discussing their personal beliefs on what Muslim women can and cannot wear, Amry believes it's more about practicality. 

The launch of Nike Pro Hijab will be "providing active hijab-wearing Muslim women access to the same great products non-hijab wearing Muslim women have" while also noting that hijabis do engage in the same activities and lifestyles as other women. 

Although Nike isn't the first company to cater to active hijabis, as Oola and Asiya have already done so, Amry believes "they are the largest and most well known company." 

Amry definitely got the attention of the world with her tongue-in-cheek nature. People just couldn't help but LOL!

Like milk-coming-out-of-people's-noses type of laughing

Some thought she might actually fall into the "running trap"

One girl offered they run together ... she asked if she could brisk walk (aka never leave the house)

Others were genuinely sorry that Nike launched the line

Well ... it kind of looks like Amry is embracing Nike's motto ... the Arab way!

Amry is currently a freelance writer in Doha. Prior to that she was living in Dubai.  

Amry believes that humor and satire are a great means to get the conversation going on social media, especially in such a cluttered world.  

"Humor helps me survive this crazy world, and I think it's a way for people to connect to an idea very quickly and easily," Amry told StepFeed.  

"When you can all laugh at the same punchline, you're already on the same side."