Egypt's military has officially ranked as the tenth strongest military in the world in Global Firepower's 2017 ranking, Egypt's State Information Service reported on Tuesday. 

The country is the only Arab state to make it to the ranking's top ten list and came ahead of over 120 nations also included in the study. 

According to the State Information Service, the latest classification is an indication of the fact that "the Egyptian Armed Forces achieved remarkable progress in comparison to several other countries, such as Israel – which occupies 15th place."  

Arab countries that came in after Egypt on the list, include Saudi Arabia which came in at number 24, Algeria at 25, Syria at 44 and Morocco at 54. 

The U.S. Army kept its place as the first military power in the world, and Russia came in second on the list, followed by China, India, and France. 

Global Firepower's ranking "relies on over 50 factors to determine a given nation's PowerIndex ('PwrIndx') score.

This year's list ranked the militaries of 133 nations. 

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The total number of personnel registered in Egypt's army amounts to over 1.3 million. 

In addition to the strength of its manpower, the country's military boasts significant weapon strength

According to Global Firepower statistics, the country owns 1,132 military aircrafts and 319 naval assets. 

Egypt also possesses over 13,000 armored fighting vehicles and a total of 4,110 combat tanks.