Remember Jimmy Fallon's lip-syncing competitions? Well, Palestinian-American social media star Mohanad Shama has just arguably out-won that entire program with a recent video of his wife lip-syncing to Adele.

Shama, who first started out as a Viner, casually took the passenger seat as he filmed his wife lip-syncing to Adele's All I Ask with their two kids chilling in the backseat. 

He couldn't help but add a bit of his own self to the whole thing with hilarious facial expressions all throughout the video. It's priceless. 

But, little does his wife know that he would actually post the video to his Facebook page. 

"This just might be my last night with her when she finds out I posted this," Shama captions the video. 

Since it was posted to Facebook, it has garnered over 35,000 at the time of writing. 

"This is my last night with you" ... Shama nods in agreement because his wife will not be happy to see what he's done with the video

Shama's wife really wants the video deleted, but that's not going to happen, according to Shama. 

"My wife is bothering me to delete it because she didn't know I was filming and wasn't singing all the lyrics correctly. I don't care, it's too cute and it's staying," Shama told StepFeed. 

Although Shama does not consider himself a comedian, he's hilarious without even trying. 

"I am not a comedian, just a guy with a camera and a few crazy ideas," Shama writes on his Facebook page.

And his latest idea is pretty crazy ... to say the least. 

This wouldn't be the first time Shama takes the internet by storm with a viral video. 

In 2016, a video of his entire family lip-syncing to the legendary rock song "We Will Rock You" broke the internet, garnering over 5M views on Facebook.

So, why does he do it? 

"What started out as a hobby with my kids four years ago slowly turned into activism and awareness of Arab and Muslim American issues," Shama added. 

The "We Will Rock You" lip-sync video came to life to combat the rise of Islamophobia and discrimination against Muslims. 

"I am making a statement that I’m an American just like anybody else."

And Shama kind of saw the virality coming ... but the worldwide attention caught him off guard.

"I had no doubt it was going to viral on my page, I just had no idea that it would be shared on TV all over Europe and the Middle East. 

For three months, I would wake up and find a new message from someone," Shama said.