Jordanian TV presenter Mohammad Rakan al-Gadah is at the center of controversy for posting a video expressing his regressive beliefs on what women should and shouldn't wear. 

In his Facebook live rant, which lasted for well over ten minutes, the media personality goes on to justify rape, femicide, homicide, and crime - all while pinning the blame on women and specifically the way they choose to dress. 

But Jordanian feminist and vlogger Laila Hzaineh just wouldn't have it. She shot back at al-Gadah in a video released Tuesday night to her Facebook page. The video has since been making the rounds online, garnering over 66,000 views at the time of writing. 

Using biting sarcasm, Hzaineh shoots back at his piece, one argument at a time. And she does it wearing long sleeves, well, because she didn't want "Gadah to be distracted." 

Commenting on Gadah's vile opening statement in which he unashamedly references an incident that took place in Turkey a few weeks ago, where a man assaulted a woman on a bus for wearing a skirt during Ramadan, she says:

"You started the video by proudly talking about the Turkish man who beat up a woman on the bus for wearing a skirt during Ramadan ... And [as soon as I heard that] I knew that your video was going to waste 15 minutes of my precious time." 

"You decided to blame all those problems [rape, harassment, violence] on a piece of clothing ... you threw your humanity in the trash and turned into an animal controlled by his sexual instincts," she continues. 

Turning the tables, Hzaineh calls al-Gadah out: "Did you ask Najwa Karam what she wears for her husband when you guys took this photo together?"

Hzaineh basically eviscerated al-Gadah... And here's the entire video for your viewing pleasure:

Congratulations were in order

"You said it all"

It couldn't have been said any better

How it all started

Jordanian TV presenter Mohammad Rakan Al-Gadah posted a live Facebook video a few days ago, whereby he said that he wishes he could "beat up" women for dressing inappropriately. 

Apart from that, he justified femicide, homicide, domestic violence and rape, pinning all the blame for society's ills on women, specifically their clothes. 

The hate did not stop there. He went a step further and body shamed plus-size women who do not submit to his idea of a "proper dress code." 

The video has since been taken down, with Gadah issuing a public apology. Members of Jordan's parliament have said that he should be punished.

Hzaineh is as outspoken as ever

This is not the first time that Hzaineh has spoken out against the patriarchy. 

The Jordanian student often uses social media platforms to tackle pressing issues facing women in the region, challenging societal norms and patriarchal notions that are often under-addressed or considered taboo. 

In April, Hzaineh released a video in response to self-proclaimed Palestinian director Waseem Shehada's sexist "letter to women."

In his "letter," which he delivered via video, Shehada compares women to cars, refers to them as being "cheap" and calls them out for wearing revealing clothes.

Hzaineh powerfully hit back at him saying, "we wear short skirts, fill our faces with make-up and laugh out loud in public... What does it matter to you?"