In her response to Waseem Shehada, a self-proclaimed Palestinian director's sexist "letter to women," Laila Hzaineh speaks up for most Arab women in a video that has gone viral since she posted it to her Facebook page on Friday.

In his video Shehada compares women to cars, refers to them as being "cheap" and calls them out for wearing revealing clothes.

Hzaineh powerfully hit back at him saying, "we wear short skirts, fill our faces with make up and laugh out loud in public... What does it matter to you?" 

The Jordanian-Palestinian feminist vlogger shut down Shehada's arguments one after the other. 

This is not the first time that Hzaineh has made headlines, a few months back her response to a similar post by a man who suggested that women bring sexual harassment onto themselves through the clothes they wear, also went viral.

In recent months, she made headlines yet again with her response to a man who proposed to her on Facebook.

Hzaineh is outspoken when it comes to issues that affect women in the Arab world and is well known for challenging societal norms, speaking against domestic violence and sexual harassment among many other issues.

People are hailing Hzaineh for her response

"You are beautiful Laila! I say this with pride... thank you for your courage and for being all that you are."

"You're incredible."

And a few are hitting back at her

"If someone asks you to cover up, you call them retarded?! We are at a stage where insolence is called personal freedom." 

"Any girl who agrees with you, is a girl who dresses inappropriately... and your thoughts are retarded. In Islam, a woman must dress decently and not expose her body to people."

"You ask him to go read a book. OK, have you read the Holy Quran? Do you know what God's word is? These words sum it all up. At the end of the day, if you wear inappropriate clothes, you're the one who's going to be held accountable, not us. That's it."