The temperature is 36 degrees Celsius in Iraq, yet one city is adding insult to the burn by making it increasingly difficult for residents to cope with the sweltering heat.

The Kirkuk Governorate, north of Baghdad, recently issued a police directive banning men from wearing shorts or ripped jeans in public and allowing officers to arrest those seen in such attire.

According to media reports, 20 young men have been arrested so far for violating the new dress code.

The directive, issued by the police central operations room in Kirkuk, prohibits men from wearing "inappropriate" clothes, specifically Bermuda shorts, in public places and empowers officers to take the necessary measures to implement the ban.

"The decision was sent to all the police stations to arrest anyone who wears short jeans and jeans with fashionable slits or rips in them," a police source told Kurdistan 24The source explained that men caught violating the rule would be detained for up to 24 hours and released after pledging not to wear shorts nor ripped jeans in the future. 

It is unclear whether the ban will only be enforced during the month of Ramadan or will remain in effect afterwards.

The directive also orders police to monitor "cases of effeminacy among some young men, in order to preserve the authenticity and morals of the Iraqi society." 

The news caused quite the controversy online, especially noting that Kirkuk is known for its diversity, as it is home to over one million "Arabs, Kurds, and Turkmen, as well as Christians and Sunni and Shiite Muslims."

Here's how social media users reacted to the decision:

People are not having it

Religious extremism, much?

"Does a specific piece of clothing threaten national safety?"

"Before the eyes of Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi, Kirkuk specifies a dress code for men. Does a specific piece of clothing threaten national safety? Or did they appoint themselves as Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice officers?"

Many are questioning the government's priorities

Naturally, memes were created

Bermuda shorts VS. Sexual harassment, terrorism, drugs, and theft Source: Facebook

And sarcastic tweets were shared

"Men in Kirkuk after the ban on Bermuda shorts."

Meanwhile, others agree with the ban

"I support the decision because such attire disrupts public order."

"It's in line with our customs and traditions"

"I support the decision because it's in line with our customs and traditions. These clothes are inappropriate and violate public order. This is simply my personal opinion."