Egyptian graphic designer Mohamed Abdel Salam decided to get a bit creative with Coldplay's artwork ... by adding an Arabesque touch to some of the band's most popular designs.

Why Coldplay?

One day "my  lights went out and I couldn't be saved and Coldplay came and saved my life so I feel like I owe these guys," Salam told StepFeed.

Salam published his work on Behance a few weeks ago, and has been getting some attention online after The Starfish Campaign - a Facebook page that has been pushing to get Coldplay to perform in Egypt for months - shared it on social media. 

No doubt, you will be impressed. 

Welcome to an arabesque paradise

Where colorful ghost stories are told

And magic sparks in the open-air

With a rush of blood to the head

Head? Yes, a head full of dreams

The place is home to true love ... in all shapes and colors

Look up to the sky full of arabesque stars

These are seriously epic!