The 59th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony happened yesterday, and it was no surprise to see a number of celebrities decked out in Arab designer gowns. 

But, there was one dress that got more attention than others... not because of its glamour (although it did kinda steal the spotlight), but because of a major pronunciation fail. 

Faith Hill, an American country singer, drove social media wild after stumbling over Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad's name when Ryan Seacrest asked Hill who designed her dress. 

Hill failed to do her homework, and by doing so has failed the world of fashion. 

"I'm shook"

Cringing toes and fingers

Fingers of disappointment

*SMH* is one way to put it

Others took the failed moment very personally

Because to them Zuhair Murad = World Famous Designer

Some blamed Ryan Seacrest for letting Hill screw up

Stating facts

Theories about "White America" surfaced

Faith Hill, you had one job ...