The story of Abu Sharaan, a 100-year-old Saudi man who lives in a desert near the house of a woman he loved, sent Saudi Twitter into a complete meltdown over the weekend. 

The man's story was first aired on Friday's episode of TV program "MBC in a Week," and soon after went viral on social media platforms. 

In its details, the elderly man said he never spent time in any of the kingdom's cities and prefers to live alone in a tent he set up in the middle of the desert, close to where the house of a woman he loved was once located. 

Abu Sharaan had proposed to the woman decades ago, but was rejected by her parents. He chose to never marry again and stayed close to where his love story began.

His advice to everyone is to marry for love...

When asked to share the name of his love interest, the man refused, saying he would like to keep all memories related to her to himself.

Towards the end of his interview, Abu Sharaan shared a word of advice with viewers, saying: 

"Do not get married unless it's for love." 

The one of a kind love story has taken Saudi Twitter by storm...

People got emotional over it...

"Oh my heart"

Others completely broke down...

"Her family refused to let him marry the woman he loves... WHY!?"

The story left many with mixed feelings

"One doesn't know whether to feel sad for him or be happy that people like him exist." 

"Loyalty in its purest form"

"This defines true love"

Watch Abu Sharaan's full story below: