Everyone knows that Riyadh is a complicated place so naturally, a person will start to adapt to the way of living. There is no right or wrong in doing things a certain way because at the end of the day, you are in a country that has a lot of rules and laws so you have to respect them regardless of what you think. With time, it just becomes normal for you.

1. You rush to the mall before prayer time


Prayer time happes 5 times a day, Fajr, Dohor, Aser, Maghreb, and Isha

2. It's normal to see a 10-year-old boy driving

3. You start complimenting other women on their abayas and spending a fortune on yours


Note: Abayas differ from one place to another.

4. You start finding alternatives to showcase your beauty with heels and heavy makeup


Just make sure to not do that in front of the Saudi religious police...

5. You get excited when you get a car even though your driver will be driving it... not you


If your parents have enough money to buy you a car of course...

6. You give your friends a map to your house instead of your address


Life before Google Maps was hard. Thank God for Google Maps!

7. You don't take holidays off in school except for Eid but will stay at home during heavy rain days or a sandstorm

The 2009 sandstorm was one of the worst sandstorms in Riyadh. It started at around 12 pm so we were already in school but we got to go back home early. It was the best day ever!!