Preparing a feast like no other for you every time you come over

And having all your favorite things on display ... reminding you how much she loves you

Never missing a chance to make you feel like a child all over again

Teaching you that with food there's no such thing as compromise

Which makes you realize power knows no age ...  because out of all the people in your life, she's the only one you let mess with your diet plans

Because you just cannot say no to her "biscuit & tea" sessions

And taking packs and packs of these is your favorite thing ever

No one will ever be able to convince you there's no such thing as expired food ... except for her

Because really it only strengthens your digestive system ... so no complaining there

Regardless what she uses, she makes the best Riz b'7aleeb

And the best meghli in the world & not just when someone gives birth...

Always reminding you that nothing should ever go to waste

& showing you what real Arabic coffee & tea taste like

And owning the oldest and coolest coffee cups ever

Which leads to her telling you all kinds of things about your future ... which people usually pay others to do

Showing you what an awesome gift is actually composed of

And to never question where the money you magically found in your pocket or bag actually came from

Teaching you that dancing has no age limits

And that trying new things is a must in life, no matter what

Making you feel good about yourself, even at your worst

And always trying to marry you off, not because she wants to get rid of you; she just wants to be there when it happens

Even if it involves her going to extreme measures...

But at the end of the day, you know you wouldn't be where you are if it weren't for her

& there's no other grandmother you could ever ask for

To all the tetas out there, we love you!