Hate crimes against Muslims and black people have drastically increased over the years, and statistics further reveal that the hate doesn't seem to be going anytime soon. 

Hate crimes against Muslims increased by 67 percent in the U.S. in 2015 --257 were registered in comparison to 154 in 2014-- the highest since 2001. Anti-black hate crimes also spiked - with a total of 1,745 crimes against the black community in 2015. 

Considering the above, it's fair to say being black and Muslim in America comes with increasing challenges. 

But, just how tough does it get for people who are considered a minority within a minority? 

How bad is the discrimination? 

#BeingBlackAndMuslim gives us an idea. The hashtag, which was first launched in 2014 is making the rounds again, with hundreds of people weighing in on the topic, especially on their personal struggle with identity in an Islamophobic and anti-black world.

Their stories are being told in less than 140 characters ... but they will definitely break your heart. 

"I'm basically a walking target"

Chasing dreams is ten times harder when #BlackAndMuslim

Feeling like a minority ... even within a minority community

"This is nothing new for us"

#BeingBlackAndMuslim: "Too Arab for Africans and too black for Arabs"

Racism has no limits when #BlackAndMuslim

Explaining your identity gets tiresome

It's a continuous battle with anti-Muslim and anti-black rhetoric