The 1990s and early 2000s are different from the times we live in in one big way: TV. We all had a handful of channels instead of millions of YouTube videos. We all watched the same thing. And most of these were Arabized versions of Western and Japanese cartoons. 

1. Spongebob Squarepants

I think my favorite thing about Spongebob Squarepants in Arabic, other than this theme song, was their names. Sbongbob Skwerbants and Basit Najim (Patrick Star) were my favorite to watch. 

2. Pokémon

If you don't know every word to this version of the song, then you didn't have a real Arab childhood in the 1990s. Many can recount singing this version, loudly, over the English version, because we grew up with more drive than those who watched the English version.

The Arab translation of the famous "Gotta catch them all" phrase is translated to "I will collect them now." So much determination! 

3. Batman

As opposed to the 16 nana's that Batman is famous for, the Arabic version is full of how awesome Batman is. Well, c'mon let's face it, he's pretty awesome.

4. Dragonball Z

Can we talk about the fact that this song sounds like a bunch of army men having a party? I really can't see any other way, especially with the lyrics as intense as they are. 

Example: '"You have removed the dust off the face of nostalgia, awakened the visions & receivables"  

I mean that's one of the most confusing things I've ever heard on television. 

5. Digimon

I don't have something personal to say about this because Pokémon > Digimon (forever). But this song really gets me pumped up. 

6. Kim Possible

I could go on for hours about how this theme song's translation is hilarious, but the best thing about Kim Possible in Arabic is that her name became "Damo Staheel" which directly translated means "That's impossible." 

I could never watch an episode without laughing at that. 

7. Phineas & Ferb

I find it really impressive that they managed to (mostly) stick to the pictures in the theme song and rhyme, but once again, Fares w Fadi? Why?

8. Aladdin - A whole new world

I find it very ironic that the songwriters had to change almost everything about this song. No one's soaring, tumbling or freewheeling right now. 

9. And then of course there's Captain Majid

The opening song made you nervous because the suspense was so great: was Captain Majid finally going to score that goal this time?