Linda Sarsour, a vocal social justice and civil rights activist in the U.S. was arrested Wednesday for 'civil disobedience' outside Trump Tower alongside Muslim activist Faiza Ali and twelve other female organizers of the 'A day without a woman' march. 

The protest saw the women blocking traffic and chanting anti-Trump slogans. A few hundred protesters marched across town to the Trump International Hotel, intending to attempt to form a human chain around the property, Patch reported. 

The march, organized to mark international women's day with a strike, had requested that participants 'abstain from paid and unpaid work, avoid spending money at big corporations and wear red in solidarity with labor movements'

A video of the arrest was widely shared on Twitter:

Many tweeted their support:

Organizations and activists called for their immediate release:

While others celebrated the arrest:

And a few appeared unaware that Sarsour is an American citizen, calling for her deportation

All arrested activists, including Sarsour were eventually released.