If you haven't heard about the Muslim-Canadian hip-hop duo Deen Squad, you better listen up.

In a new single released yesterday in celebration of International Women's Day on Mar 8 ... the duo showcased hijabi women from around the world in the most epic way possible. 

Titled "Cover Girl (She Be Rockin That Hijab)" - the song features over 30 hijabis - as they epically dance, heavy-lift, and skateboard among many other things often unseen in the media. 

"She's the true cover girl," the song lyrics say. 

"Dear Islamophobes, let me put you on blast, you want to kick the Muslims out, but you know they got class."

Unlike their previous songs, which are all "halal" versions of well-known songs including a spin-off of Fetty Wap's Trap Queen - this one is completely original. 

"Everything we do, God is always in the equation… We ask God to bless everything that we do," said Karter Zaher, a member of the duo, according to Al Arabiya

"Cover girls got dreams with no limits, that's why Ibtihaj made it in the Olympics."

Hijabi women empowerment done right!

Who is "Deen Squad"?

Ottawa-based Muslim hip-hop duo was first started by Lebanese-Canadian Karter Zaher and Ghanian-Canadian Jae Deen.  

Deen, who was raised Christian, converted to Islam at the age of 15, pointing to his own personal experience as a reason for the duo's mission.  

The hip-hop duo first shot to social media fame in 2015 after several of their online music videos went viral including "Muslim Queen" - a song that garnered over 2 million views on YouTube. 

Soon after, the duo launched a crowdfunding campaign in 2015.  

The duo was seeking $33,000 to continue to produce more "halal" music with a mission to "guide the Muslim youth."

"Young Muslims in our era are in need of role models who can connect them to their deen. We represent the Deen Squad and we truly believe that we can make it happen," the duo wrote on their crowdfunding campaign at the time.