From Egypt to Dubai, women are mixing up the Arab world's nightlife, spinning tracks and dropping some of the sickest beats this side of the Arabian Gulf.

Here's a look at 7 that will get you dancing and bobbing your head, wherever you might be right now.

1. DJ Tala, Lebanese

Based at Beirut's oh-so trendy party venue, The Grand Factory, Tala Mortada or DJ Tala, sees her music as not only embodying the idealism of Lebanese youth but also as a powerful political tool. As a former art-director, she brings a creative edge to each performance.

2. DJ Hyatt Saeed, Emirati

From Khaleeji, Arabic, commercial, deep house and funk, the mix of beats DJ Hyatt creates comes from her deep passion for music.

3. DJ Dina, Egyptian

At 51-years-old, Dina Ghareeb is still spinning some of the coolest sets in Egypt. She considers her work as a DJ as more of a hobby, despite the fact that she has even performed internationally in Berlin. She draws a packed house nearly every Tuesday night at Cairo's After Eight venue, where she's performed now for more than 11 years.

4. DJ Shadia, Jordanian

Shadia Bseiso has been hailed as the first female Arab DJ to play in Amman, Beirut, Dubai, Algeria, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Aleppo, Cyprus, Kuwait, Damascus, Bahrain and even India, making her a truly international sensation.

5. DJ Tash, Lebanese

On her Soundcloud profile, Tash Hochar  says that she makes music to "numb your brain". With her eclectic electronic style, perhaps it's a fitting nod to the desire of Lebanese youth to escape their stagnant political reality, at least for a little bit, all the while enjoying the nightlife of their beautiful country.

6. DJ bellz, Moroccan

Based in Dubai, Bella Noor – AKA DJ bellz – gave up her career as an airline hostess in 2014 to pursue her passion for music. Spinning a mix of house, trance, commercial, RNB, Arabic and Indian, DJ bellz plays mainly at the Mint Leaf of London in Dubai's financial center.

7. El Djette, Lebanese

Hailed as the first well-know female DJ in Beirut, Laila Sarkis AKA El Djette, started spinning her beats in Lebanon back in 2000. Having grown up in Nigeria, she only planned to stay for a couple years, but she stayed on and is seen to have influenced the growth of women DJs in Beirut's vibrant party scene.