Egyptians are by nature avid football fans. They gather around to watch various football matches almost on a daily basis, rooting for the most famous Egyptian football clubs, El Ahly and El Zamalek

When it's time for World Cup qualifying matches, Egyptians unite in support of their national team, the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) - aka The Pharaohs

Egyptian football fans are hoping for a spot among the top teams

Egypt qualified for the World Cup finals on only two occasions, in 1934 and 1990. The country's highest FIFA ranking was in July 2010 when the team received the 9th position worldwide. Egypt has also secured seven wins so far in the African Cup of Nations (CAN.) 

Hoping to encourage the team, international telecommunication company, Orange, released its latest TVC.

The campaign, launched early September, features elderly Egyptian men rapping and urging The Pharaohs to make it to the finals in the qualifying matches. 

It certainly serves to entice Egyptian football enthusiasts to support their national team. 

Needless to say, it won the internet in no time.

The video sparked some controversy

"The best idea!"

"Even if they're elderly, they're allowed to support their football team and be happy"

"If we lose, I'll be sad for the elderly, not the team"

It gained thumbs up from the rest of the Arab world as well

"One of the most beautiful and most honest ideas I've seen"

"I love Egyptians' sense of humor"

Some found it disturbing

"Imagine someone telling you you won't live four years to watch it happen"

The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) decided to ban Orange Egypt's latest video for offending seniors and promoting elderly abuse as Think Marketing Magazine reported. 

Watch the video here: