Taking into consideration the social, economic, and political instabilities of the Arab region, millions have made foreign countries their home, in hopes of building a better future. 

Here are six of the largest receivers of Arab migrants: 

1. Brazil

The majority of the Arab diaspora in Brazil comes from Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria, as migration started during the Ottoman Empire and after the first World War.

There is at least six million, full or partial, Lebanese descendants in Brazil, and back in 2014, a good 10 percent of parliamentarians were of Lebanese origin. 

Estimates rise according to the Brazilian government, reaching 10 million, while the Syrian community stands at at least four million.

2. France

Even though it is forbidden and against the law to collect statistics regarding "racial or ethnic origin" in France, an estimated six million Arabs reside in the country.

A study conducted by Institut Montaigne in 2004, was able to come up with a rough number. According to the study, 5.5 million or nine percent come from North Africa (Maghreb countries,) and half a million come from the Middle East and Turkey. 

3. Indonesia

According to Global Arab World Migration and Diasporas, there are around four to five million Yemeni and Omani descendants in Indonesia.

As Arab traders connected the spice and silk markets between South East and Far East Asia and the Arab region hundred of years ago, settlers contributed to the growth of the Arab diaspora we see today.  

4. Turkey

Source: weloveist

In 2011, the number of the Arab diaspora previously stood at 1.5 million in Turkey. 

However, the Syrian war contributed to a total of 3.3 million Syrian refugees now residing in the country, raising the number to 4 million Arabs in total. 

5. Argentina

Source: Flickr/Nico

Arab immigrants in Argentina are mostly from Lebanon and Syria, with Egypt, Palestine, and Morocco following.

There are about 3.5 million Arab Argentinians of Lebanese or Syrian descent and between 10 and 25 million Arabs all around Latin America. 

6. The United States

new york
Source: runsociety

The Arab diaspora in the U.S. is estimated at 3.7 million, mostly originating from Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Palestine. 

The large Arab community is known for celebrating its heritage and roots by organizing an annual Arab-American and North African Street Festival in New York annually since 2002. 

Montgomery County, Maryland, has also designated the month of April as Arab-American Heritage month for over 20 years now