A group of British activists just walked thousands of kilometers from the UK to Palestine to apologize. 

The activists made the 174-day journey, traversing 11 countries to apologize on behalf of their country for the Balfour Declaration, which granted Israelis control of Palestine a century ago. 

Timing the journey with the 100th anniversary of the declaration, which was announced on Nov. 2, 1917, the activists were warmly welcomed by Palestinian villagers upon arrival.

The Balfour Declaration led to decades of conflict

British Foreign Minister Arthur James Balfour made the declaration, leading to the inevitable displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian inhabitants, many whose descendants are refugees today, and decades of unrest and conflict in the region.

Relatedly, more than 100 activists joined Palestinians in protest marches through villages. The protestors also marched past and saw the ongoing construction of Israeli settlements, an internationally illegal action that has been condemned over and over by countries around the world and the United Nations.

According to The National, despite immense international condemnation, Israel has moved forward with plans to construct some 2,600 settlement homes throughout the occupied West Bank.

The British government is celebrating the declaration

While the British activists apologized on behalf of their nation, the government of the UK has chosen to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the declaration.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to celebrate the occasion, Metro reported

At the same time, political rival and opposition party leader Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the UK's Labour Party, has rejected an invitation by May to attend a formal dinner with Netanyahu marking the anniversary.

Corbyn has consistently supported the Palestinian cause, having previously called for Israelis to end their "oppression" of the Palestinian people.