Islamic prayer is a practice of oneness and total serenity, something that has captured the attention of photographers time and again. 

People often go out of their way to fulfill their duty to pray, so Twitter user @UnofficialAk decided to start a thread on the social media platform, asking people to share the weirdest spots they've prayed in. 

As committed as these people seem to be, some of their chosen spots will surprise you. Others will make you laugh. 

At your potential partner's house? #PrayToImpress

The definition of 'contradictory'

Hiding in prayer?

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do

"At a play rehearsal ... where they asked if I was doing a YOGA exercise"

Scuba praying?

Breaking social norms? Not the case when it comes to prayer

Sandwiched prayers?

"University library ... and then got asked why I am carrying a rug around"

Weird? More like awesome co-existence