Egyptian families like to stay connected, and Whatsapp --the official sponsor of Arab families since the early 2010s (okay, not really)-- has made connecting with extended family members much easier. 

Love it or hate it, we all have these family groups that bombard us with way too many daily notifications.

Here are 10 WhatsApp family-group personalities you're probably dealing with right now. 

1. That aunt who never fails to wish everybody a good morning, every morning

Teacup puppy, good morning
This teacup puppy wishes you a good morning Source: Cute Baby Wallpapers

This usually triggers a chain of 'good morning' responses for a good hour or two. 

2. That uncle who never, ever responds to anything, ever.

Really, uncle Mostafa? I just graduated from university/got a promotion/had a baby. You don't have anything to say about that? I know you saw my post, don't pretend you didn't! 

3. That one distant uncle who shares totally inappropriate things

There are kids on this group! And even if there weren't, I assure you, nobody needed to see that! 

4. The conspiracy theorist

It's the Zionists, they're behind everything. Obesity in Egypt? Zionists. Traffic on the Da2ery? Zionists. Cloudy day? Don't pretend you don't know who's behind it. 

5. That one person who posts in tidal waves

Either we don't hear from them at all, or they go all tidal, sending a stream of endless articles, images, videos and comments.  

6. That cousin who only shares pictures of her toddlers

"Here is my Faroo7a sitting down... Here she is standing up... Oh, oh! In this photo she's leaning against a chair. Tetakel mish keda?"

7. That one cousin who responds a day and a half late to everything

....I guess he's just really, really busy. 

8. That one aunt who remembers everybody's birthday

On Whatsapp groups, all it takes is one family member to kick-start those endless birthday messages. It usually starts with "kol sana winta tayeb ya 7abibi" followed by countless images of cakes, chocolates and flowers. 

9. The jokester

The uncle who exclusively sends memes and jokes. We thank you for your diligence and good vibes. Really. 

10. That young cousin who only sends selfies

To you young cousin, I say: Bravo. But spare us.