Mahmoud Tammam of Haeptik Studios has started a passion project that has captured the attention of many.

Tammam turns Arab words into the shape of their meaning, and the results are beautiful. 

They really show how fluid and malleable Arabic typography can be. 

1. A pretty peacock wrapped in a "Tawoos"

2. An octopus making its way through an "Akhtaboot"

3. A mouse scurrying through a "Fa'ar"

4. This owl that transforms into a "Boomeh"

5. "Fakmeh" appears with a ball on top of its nose

6. This rabbit jumping into the form of an "Arnab"

7. Where the bicycle ends and the darajah begins...

8. Watermelon has never looked as appetizing as this "bateekh"

Watermelon - Bateekh

9. Amazing how she fits into a woman's body...

She - Heyye 

10. Some patriotism for Cairo/Al Kahirah

Tammam himself is from Egypt. 

11. The leaping graceful ghazel

Gazelle - Ghazel

12. He has all the Koala-fications

13. Fahed in the form of a Cheetah

Fahed is a common name among men in the Arab world.