Recently, Arab artists have been reaching new territories when it comes to music. They've been expanding to rock, indie, and hip hop, while still including a bit of Tarab and Arab essence in their work. 

According to "Professor of Anthropology and specialist in ethnographic and theoretical study of the musical cultures of the Middle East and Mediterranean," Jonathan Holt Shannon's book, Among the Jasmine Trees: Music and Modernity in Contemporary Syria, saltana is a "melodic flow or groove" that allows the listener to indulge and induce Tarab. 

Here are some Arab artists who will guarantee you reaching a state of saltana:

1. Shadia Mansour (Palestine)

Described as "The First Lady of Arabic Hip Hop," Palestinian-British Shadia Mansour is a hip hop singer with bold lyrics empowered with activism and the Palestinian cause.

With several collaborations with other musicians, her music is here to unleash a “musical intifada” denouncing oppression.

2. Omar Souleyman (Syria)

This bad ass Syrian is the rave king with his dabke, folk, and pop infused music - which has earned him many collaborations and appearances at raves all over Europe.

Omar Souleyman, from El Hasaka, Syria, has his songs heard around the world, with his hit Warni Warni reaching over 30 million views on YouTube.

3. Arnabeat (Lebanon)

Arnabeat is a Lebanese band formed in 2016 with band members Paul Garabed, Charbel Nacouz, Elie Elia, and Hisham Hallak.

A crowd's favorite, the band fuses oriental and western music in a way that transfigures "your favorite hits of all time into mesmerizing short medleys."

4. JadaL (Jordan)

Jordanian JadaL is an Arabic rock band that has been playing since 2003, formed by music producer and composer, Mahmoud Radaideh

The band's first single was a cover of legendary Abdul Halim Hafez's Al Tobah, adding to it an edgy sound to make it their own.

5. Mona Haydar (Syria)

Mona Haydar is a Syrian-American rapper, poet, and activist who defies the many Arab and female stereotypes.

With her daring lyrics and spot on rapping, her music videos on Youtube have reached over a million views. You might have heard of her song "Wrap my Hijab" - which now has over 2.7 million views.

6. Rotana (Saudi)

Rotana Tarabzouni, singer/songwriter of Saudi Arabian origin, could not pursue a career in music because of her conservative culture.

"There is a spirit of rebellion", she told LA weekly

"It’s always that I’m this oppressed Saudi Princess Jasmine who comes to the States and is all of a sudden liberated." 

Her music celebrates independence and a peaceful rebellion.

7. Malak (Egypt)

Young Egyptian singer, Malak El Husseiny, is the founder of White Noise, a Cairo-based independent music production house. 

She is known for her edgy yet soft voice and her incorporation of Arabic lyrics with indie and western beats.

8. Soultana (Morocco)

Moroccan Youssra Oakuf is a rapper who goes by the name "Soultana" and qualifies as the first recognized female rapper in Morocco.

She first entered the hip hop world in an all-female rap group known as Tigresse Flow, but acquired her moment when she rapped about the street harassment Moroccan women endure in "Sawt el Nisaa."