Kids everywhere just want to have fun ... and get dirty.

Remember those fun filled days riding your bike on the corniche? Playing in the park? Cooking with teta? Football matches with your friends? It was fun for us, but our Arab moms suffered cleaning our mud and chocolate stained clothing.

Today, Arab kids want to be kids ... but computers, video games, and television are replacing the great outdoors. A lot of moms don't mind less dirt ... but what about the kids?

One in three children today suffers from obesity, because they are the least active in history. This generation of kids is also much more likely to suffer from depression as well as learning disabilities.

So, what message do these kids have for their Arab parents. 

"Dirt, stains ... they aren't a bad thing!"

"They are a mark of adventure and determination"

"Stains are so easily removed"

Dirt is a sign of learning. And what gets in the mind "stays there forever"

So these kids want their moms to rethink dirt

It's time to embrace the dirt! And OMO is there so moms don't need to worry

Watch the kids full message to their moms ... and feel the nostalgia