Love is always a mood lifter, and with no shortage of bad news flooding the internet we thought we'd bring you 9 couples from around the Arab world who will restore your faith in love. 

Because what's life without serious #couplegoals inspiration?

1. Ahmed Dawood and Ola Roshdy

In his most recent interview, Egyptian actor Ahmed Dawood told the story of how he met his now-wife Ola Roshdy at a workshop.

Back then, Roshdy was far more popular and established as an actress. Despite his somehow rocky start in the business, she stood by him through it all until he made it to the top. 

Nowadays, while Dawood continues his journey in acting, Roshdy is more focused on movie production, raising their kids, and expanding her online series Weghet Mazar, where she shares her views on motherhood and life.  

2. Ascia AKF and Ahmad ASB

Ascia AKF and Ahmed ASB call themselves The Hybrids due to their mixed Kuwaiti-American nationalities, but the name serves as a perfect description of what they are as a couple. 

In addition to their stunning styles and looks, the married duo has set an example of how a corporative household works.

Hand in hand, they've managed to transform their joint passion into an internationally-acclaimed fashion platform while maintaining a solid relationship and bond. 

3. Khalid Al Ameri and Salma Mohamed

They are not fashion bloggers nor big-time celebrities, and that's exactly why Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed are on this list. 

Al Ameri is an opinion writer, motivational speaker, and social media commentator, while his wife is a jewelry business owner

It's this "neighbors next door" vibe this Emirati couple has and how natural they are that make you instantly relate to them. 

They are not afraid to share real experiences from their married life to help newlyweds and people in general. 

4. Lara Scandar and Philippe Katchouni

The talented singer just got married to Katchouni Jewelry's third-generation owner Philippe Katchouni. They broke the internet with their stunning wedding photos

The newlyweds are the subtle, low-profile type; you won't find many photos of them prior to the wedding. 

The glamorous night was filled with public figures. Among the attendees were Scandar's former Star Academy contestants, Mohamad Bash and Ibrahim Dashti.

5. Zeynab El Helw and Mohamed Kanso

The one and only Dubai-based self-proclaimed Fashion Pirate and Lebanese marketing manager, Mohamed Kanso tied the knot in the magical Sant Marçal Castle in Spain, surrounded by friends and loved ones.

"I will officially get complimented every time someone says your name from now on," this is how Kanso announced his proposal to El Helw.

It's just a little demonstration of the endless stream of the affection they have for one another.

6. Hussein Abdeldayem and Deana Shaaban

Those who train together, stay together! 

Deana Shaaban, one of Egypt's most successful fashion designers and performance trainers, and Hussein Abdeldayem, aka 'The Specialist' and founder of IGNITE, Egypt's first and only performance training facility, got married last April. 

They have been squatting, lifting, TRX-ing, and stretching their way to a happily-ever-after since then.

7. Anthony Touma and Jessika Khater

Not only is this Lebanese young couple extremely talented, they share a mad passion for performing arts. While Touma is a singer who gained his fame after his appearance in the Voice France, Khater is a dancer and a mathematician. 

They go on vacations together, attend weddings together... Quite frankly, they look like a match made in theatrical heaven.

Touma and Khater seem head over heels in love and we can't get enough!

8. Mohamed Farrag and Passant Shawky

Egyptian actor Mohamed Farrag has been rocking the movie and drama scene recently. He has raw talent, but what many don't know is that there is a secret lucky charm behind it, and her name is Passant Shawky

Shawky is an aspiring Egyptian actress as well, best known for her role in the Ramadan series Nelly and Sherihan as well as Ard Gaw.

The couple is low-key; they don't share much and don't speak publically about their relationship. However, just recently, Farrag spoke out in an interview, elaborating on just how much Shawky's presence has had an impact on his life particularly her support as he was grieving the loss of his parents while shooting one of his most important roles yet. 

Love, care, support, and talent, what else does a couple need? 

9. Baher El Newehy and Hend Ahmed AbdelHalim

Best known for their roles in the TV series Al Ab Al Roohy (The God Father,) Egyptian Baher El Newehy and Hend Ahmed AbdelHalim have recently announced their engagement. 

According to their social media accounts (especially Newehy's,) they have been inseparable since. 

They are at the same level in their careers as artists, and they are growing steady together. 

Wouldn't it be nice to witness the roles they play in one another's success?