The rise of social media gave many young Arabs the chance to document their lives with the world. 

In recent years, a few have made a name for themselves through their tireless work. With that, they've inspired millions through their online platforms.

From those who use humor to get their point through to those whose creativity never fails to impress, here are a few game-changing content creators from the Arab world: 

1. Omar Farooq (Bahrain)

Farouq is a young Bahraini filmmaker who is also considered to be one of the region's top YouTube stars. 

His online series "Omar Tries" chronicles his adventures as he goes about experiencing different professions and situations.  

From being an ambulance driver one day to trying to go through child birth the next, his YouTube videos keep his 1.9 million subscribers entertained and inspired. 

2. Reem Nadar (Lebanon/Kuwait)

Nadar, a Kuwait-based Lebanese art director, rose to fame after videos of her fluently speaking in various Arabic accents broke the internet

The talented young woman has since continued to build her online following with hilarious clips and posts. 

Through her YouTube channel, "Nadareem," the social media star also makes sure to speak up about important social issues like women's rights.

3. Fatima Al Banawi (Saudi Arabia)

Al Banawi is a Saudi actor, social artist, and storyteller who starred in one of the kingdom's first feature films, "Barakah Meets Barakah."

She strongly believes in the importance of the arts and literary productions when it comes to supporting "the presentation of often mis or under-represented voices". Thus, she co-founded the Theatre of the Oppressed Jeddah Chapter in 2010. 

The Harvard graduate then launched "The Other Story Project,"  an Instagram storytelling platform allowing Saudis to share personal stories.

Enlightening and inspiring, the page paints "a portrait of Saudi society at its most intimate," and its success encouraged Al Banawi to work on publishing a book that will feature the original handwritten story submissions she received. 

4. Ascia (Kuwait)

With over 2.4 million followers on Instagram, Ascia is considered one of the most prominent content creators in the region. 

The mother of two is a trailblazing YouTuber, entrepreneur, and blogger who co-founded popular fashion blog The Hybrids with her husband Ahmad ASB. 

Chronicling her life online, she often uses her platforms to raise issues affecting mothers and women across the Arab world.  

5. Ahmed El-Ghandour (Egypt)

El Ghandour is the Egyptian biologist behind YouTube hit "El Da7ee7," a science series which has been running since 2014

Through his episodes, he uses humor to simply raise and explain different concepts and issues. 

Having amassed millions of views over the last four years, El Ghandour is considered one of the region's most influential content creators. 

6. Anas Bukhash (UAE)

Bukhash is an Emirati entrepreneur and motivational speaker who is considered to be one of the leading businessmen in the country.

The co-founder of Ahdaaf Sports Club and founder of Bukhash Brothers, Bukhash is known for inspiring university students through his speeches.  

With thousands of followers on both Twitter and Instagram, he's also one of the most popular and influential Emiratis online. 

7. Amr Maskoun (Syria)

Maskoun has been winning people's hearts for years with hilariously relatable content and videos that continue to garner millions of views. 

From impeccably impersonating Arab moms to chronicling daily struggles, no one does it better than this online star. 

The talented 18-year-old started off on Vine after he fled to France, defying the struggle of leaving his war-torn country. 

In an interview with Being Arab, he explained that his videos are meant to "to cheer people up" and "change their moods." 

8. Yara Yehia (Egypt)

Yehia is a 29-year-old Egyptian traveler who's been to over 30 countries in recent years. 

The young woman documents her travels on social media with the aim to help others make budget-friendly travel plans. 

Her career took a push forward after she launched a YouTube channel titled "Hezaha w Safer" - which translates to "move around and travel" - producing short video travel guides of the places she's visited, alongside her husband. 

Yehia seems to be on a mission to travel the world and will surely be taking her growing number of followers along on the journey. 

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