Being a mother is probably the world's biggest challenge. It is life's veritable rite of passage, so, of course, it's going to be fraught with difficulty. 

But worry not! You can make this emotionally and physically charged process easier with these 6 new-mom hacks. 

1. Always nap when your baby naps

This tiny piece of advice will save you from exhaustion. It works like magic. 

As soon as your baby finds it in his/her heart to give you a break, you should put your head to the first pillow that comes your way. 

Yes, there may be a thousand and one things you had planned to get done while your baby sleeps, but nothing is as important as getting some rest yourself. 

Don't take this piece of advice lightly. At the very least, sleep on it! 

2. Shop for the right equipment, not the fancy looking

Fancy equipment can charm you, but it won't necessarily help you. Commit yourself to the practical. 

If you get stuck on which brands to choose over which for your car-seats, strollers among other things, don't be afraid to ask other mothers in your neighborhood for tips. 

3. Feed your baby on-demand

Conventional wisdom says that you need to feed your baby every two hours. While this may be true, there is nothing better than feeding your baby on-demand. 

Your child will have different cues for different demands, you just got to learn to tell the "hunger cue" apart from everything else. 

You may need to feed your baby before two hours have passed, or a bit after the two hours have passed. 

Wait for the cue.

Always tune in to your baby's mood, watch out for certain patterns or habits -- all of which may be an indication of hunger. 

You won't be able to spot these things at the beginning, but give yourself some time. You will figure it out.

4. Make time for alone time

It could be a 20 minute bath. It could be an appointment to get your nails done. It could be a 30 minute outing to the hair salon next door. 

Don't let your baby change those things for you. 

You will need a mental and physical break every once in a while. Don't feel guilty when you do. Indulge and recharge. You need it! 

5. Don't be afraid to ask for help

It takes a village to a raise a child, as they say. It's actually proven that women who seek for help have a higher success rate - so make sure to ask for help when you need it. 

Asking for help doesn't mean you've failed as a mother, it means you care enough to swallow your pride for the sake of your child. 

6. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!

Breastfeeding mothers should put their nutrition and health on top of anything else. After all, what you eat ultimately affects what your baby eats. 

To improve lactation, make sure to get just the right amount of sesame seeds (hello zaatar), carrots (jazariyeh) and garlic.