It would be fascinating to experience all cities in the Arab world; discovering new traditions, accents, meals, and most importantly, the country's natives. 

Though impulsiveness in traveling is an asset (or maybe the reason why you come back home broke,) one must consider the economic and social factors when examining a trip or a move to a new country. 

In case you've ever been intrigued by the Middle Eastern lifestyle and the adventure waiting ahead, here is a list of the 5 cheapest Arab cities to live in or visit, ranked from cheap to cheapest: 

5. Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

The amount of attractions in Riyadh is amazing. 

Not only is it one of the cheapest cities to live in, but it's also filled with entertaining cultural sites to visit. 

You can get around cheaply with a bus fare for $0.53, get a dozen of eggs for $1.82, pair them with milk for $1.11/liter, and add some onions for $0.93/kg, et voila, you have an omelet.  

4. Muscat (Oman)

Historical, vibrant, Arabian, and exotic; Muscat shines in this list.  

Its landscapes are stunning. Beaches, mountains, and its many Arabesque palaces will surely lure your inner historian. 

You can grab a water bottle while discovering the city for $0.3. When hunger strikes, lunch will be served for $5 before you head back home for just $0.78. 

3. Algiers (Algeria)

With its combination of French-Mediterranean architecture, Algiers is a beautiful city of contrast and contradiction. 

It is also quite affordable for a nice week-long vacation. You can catch a bus for $0.28 to a local pub, get a beer for $1.65, enjoy a movie screening for $4.5, and end your night with a $3 dinner. 

2. Tunis (Tunisia)

When a city is said to be one of the cheapest, a lot is taken into consideration. 

In Tunis, you can go to the movies for $2, get a cappuccino for $1.74, fill up your gas tank for $0.66/liter, and live in a furnished studio for $224/month.  

1. Cairo (Egypt)

Cairo is undoubtedly a charming city. 

It has it all; the pyramids are located nearby, street food like falafels and filling koshary come in endless supply, and if you need to stock your refrigerator, don't fret! 

You can get tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and oranges all at less than $0.35/kg. What's better over the weekend than a match of Tennis for $6.6/hour to get your blood rushing? You could also go out for dinner at a nice restaurant, order a 3-course dinner for two, for only $16.