Most Egyptian parents are known for their unconditional love, which, sometimes, is shown the hard way... yes, we mean the flying shebsheb when we don't study well. 

Parenting, to them, is a 24/7 job that never stops... not even when their own kids become parents. Here are 14 memes that sum up the life of Egyptian parents and their children:

1. Multitasking is the main theme of parenting

"My son went to sleep. Should I go to sleep as well? Or maybe take care of the laundry? Maybe wash the dishes... Or should I shower?"

2. Having me-time isn't easy

"Mom: One day, the kids will grow up and I'll go back to work, join a gym, and do everything I want! 

Friend: Are you hallucinating again?"

3. Sleep is rarely on the schedule

"Mom: Thank God the baby is finally asleep.

Baby: *cries incessantly*"

4. Uncertainties are certain to exist

"Son: Mom, what are you cooking for us tomorrow?

Mom: Let's live till tomorrow in the first place!"

5. Fathers sometimes scare the heck out of us

Which keeps us from sharing many aspects of our lives with them. 

"Baba: Do you have an account on Twitter?

Son: Twitter? What is Twitter?"

6. And are always here to make us behave

"Son screaming: Anybody bring me some water!

Baba: Ain't nobody else busy studying but you or what?"

7. Fathers can be our best friends

At some point in life, we find them in the same boat with us. 

"Son: Baba, when am I going to get married? 

Baba: Son, if the country's economic crisis is not going to improve, I may myself divorce your mother."

8. And the same applies to our mothers

"Mom: Honey, if you love someone, tell me. I'm your mother and your secrets are safe with me.

Daughter: Honestly, there is someone...

Mom: You slut! I'll tell your father everything!"

9. Mothers make sure we look neat and clean at all times

"Mom: Does anybody have dirty clothes? 

Mom: Last call... dirty clothes, anyone? 

Mom *5 minutes later*: Do you have any dirty clothes before I turn on the washing machine?"

10. She also makes sure we study well

Growing up, most of us had only two options: Either you study or you go to bed. 

11. Egyptian mothers guards the "niche" with their lives

"Son: Mom, my brother took a glass out of the niche to drink alcohol! 

Mom: Took a glass out of the what?!" 

The niche - or the dining room hutch - is an essential piece of furniture to many Egyptian homes. It's like the forbidden city to some of them, with its sparkly glasses and cups mainly for display. 

Good luck escaping mom's wrath if you use it without her permission. 

12. Parents are always here for the rescue whenever you're hungry

"Kid: Mom, I'm hungry. Is there anything to eat?

Mom: There is some cheese here, and some cheese there... and you can also have some cheese, or cheese!"

13. Just make sure you DON'T eat the cheese all alone

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14. After all, we know parenthood isn't easy, but surely is worth it

"I know by experience!"