American media organization ATTN - which positions itself as an 'issues driven media company telling stories worth your attention' - seems to have one important story to share with its audience: the revolutionary shatafa.

In a video posted to social media last week, ATTN documents the benefits of using a shatafa in place of toilet paper. 

It doesn't just talk about the hygienic benefits of using water to clean your dirty bottom, but also pinpoints the disadvantages of using toilet paper on both one's health and the environment. 

"Toilet paper isn't our only option," the media organization captions the video. 

The video has gone viral, garnering over 15 million views at the time of writing. 

Of course, Muslims couldn't help but comment about it, and hilarity ensued.  

"Laughs in Muslim" jokes took over the internet

Others preferred to "gasp in Muslim"

Of course some "acts shocked in Muslim" came out in full force

Puns had to be made

"America just discovered using water after peeing and pooping"

It took 14 centuries for shatafa to become a familiar concept? #Shame

Started from the bottom now we here...

Congratulations are in order?


Fact: People have been missing out on some good sh*t for centuries