Some women in Saudi Arabia don't actually want to drive ... ever.

The kingdom is the only country in the world that does not allow women to drive, which is often a point of criticism for Saudi and international activists. While many in the kingdom – even within the royal family – see the driving ban as a severely outdated policy, others, including some women, don't see any reason why it should change.

A hashtag is trending in the kingdom right now saying: "Saudi women don't want to drive ever" (#سعوديات_لانريد_القياده__ابدا). 

And some women appear to actually be jumping on board the campaign.

Women no drive ... ever

Because not all Saudi women think they should be allowed to drive

And of course, some men are on board

But a lot of women think a man actually started the hashtag

Some think it should be a woman's personal choice

Others just don't care

And some just want foreigners to stop making it their concern

While not all Saudi women think that they should be allowed to drive, there are many women fighting for the right in the kingdom. Saudi activists have been arrested for organizing campaigns for women to drive in protest of the ban.

Last November, billionaire businessman Prince Alwaleed bin Talal took a stand for women's right to drive in Saudi Arabia.

In an open letter titled "It is High Time that Saudi Women Started Driving their Cars," Prince Alwaleed emphasized the importance of progress in today's world.