Meeting someone you like in the 21st century physical world has become somewhat of a mission impossible ... this is why so many are turning to online dating platforms for comfort.  

Muslims are definitely in on this trend, with a number of "halal dating" apps making the rounds in the digital sphere, including Salaam Swipe and Muzmatch.

But, there's one app that's been getting a lot of attention lately, despite the fact that it's been around for a while. It rhymes with Tinder ... and it's called Minder. And it has over 20,000 users active on the app. 

Some have only recently come across the app ... while others are definitely more invested.

Whatever the reason, here's what people really think of it: 

Some think online dating is just for "desperate" people, Minder or not

Some think the app is a bit "too much"

Others are actively looking for some halal lovin'

Others finally realized they're ready to put themselves out there

"Life is complete"

Some are in shock that such a thing actually exists

Others are cry-laughing

Suggestions of a "sikhinder" and "chrinder" ensued

Some drivers have been talking to their clients about the app ...

Some are losing their voices over excitement

And then you have those who just don't get how essential this app is!

Maybe it's your turn to start Mindering?