Kids-only gym in Dubai
The pool at the UAE's first kids-only gym in Dubai Source: Instagram

The UAE's first kids-only gym has opened its doors in Dubai, with plans to help fight childhood obesity.

Located at Golden Mile Galleria Mall on the iconic Palm Jumeirah, the establishment titled ‘Little Gladiators’ occupies an area of 7,400 sq ft and offers a wide range of activities.

The gym is specifically tailored for kids aged three to 14 years old. Activities include gymnastics, yoga, tree climbing, kickboxing, virtual gaming, cardio, and an interactive climbing wall. 

There is even a kids spa... only in Dubai would you see this.

The facility also has a swimming pool with swimming sessions led by qualified instructors.

The kids are ready to train

The UAE's first kids-only gym opens on Palm Jumeirah's Golden Mile Galleria Mall

The facilities offer boxing classes for kids

“When we moved to Dubai a year ago we were looking for a business idea to launch in the UAE. We looked at many options but it was Sheikh Mohammed’s work to improve the health of the nation that really captured our attention," expat entrepreneurs, Javed and Shanna Gani, told StepFeed.

And even kids-only yoga

And, of course, a spa... in typical Dubai style

The UAE's leadership has previously declared that the country should strive to reduce childhood obesity down from the current rate of 34 per cent to 12 per cent by 2021.

The center can currently accommodate up to 1,000 members, with annual membership fees starting at 999 AED ($273.69) per child for unlimited visits. 

Two Little Gladiators are planned to open elsewhere in Dubai over the coming months.