Every year, we get to see an Arab version of a popular western TV series or film come to the screen during Ramadan ... and this year is no different. 

People of the interwebz brace yourselves for an Arabic version of the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, because Ramadan is Coming. 

Titled Orchidea, the Syrian drama series will air during the holy month, which is expected to begin on May 27.

The series, directed by Hatem Ali, was shot in different parts of Romania and France, and will air on Abu Dhabi TV. 

Here's a look at some of the main characters of the show: 

Sulafa Memar as Cersei Lannister (Queen Khatoon)

Basil Khayat as Khal Drogo (Prince 3atba)

Qays Sheikh Najib as Jon Snow (Prince Namek)

Emme Sayah as Sansa Stark (Princess Ramlah)

Jamal Suleiman as Eddard Stark (King of Samara Kingdom)

Abed Fahed as Tywin Lannister (Seif Al Ezz aka the adviser of King Ashouri)

Samer Al Masry as Robert Baratheon (King Janaaby)

Yara Sabry as Catlyn Stark (Queen Fareea)

Salloum Haddad as Lord Varys (Doctor Baraa Al Dahia)

Game of Thrones is extremely popular among Arab audiences. Here's hoping the Arabic version will not flop, as they've got some pretty big shoes to fill!