Dubai is on another level when it comes to food. The emirate boasts hundreds of restaurant that can satisfy a visitor's every craving -as expensive as that craving may be (24k gold Burg Khalifa ring a bell?)

But now Dubai has outdone itself, with a record-breaking $10,000 burger. 

Yes, $10,000. 

Dubbed the Seven Emirates Burgerstack, the burger is now considered the world's most expensive sandwich, beating a previous record set two years ago. 

"Two years ago we broke the world record by selling one burger for $7,000, and this year we wanted to top that," said Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, a member of Qatar's royal family, according to CNN Money.

Asma Al Fahim, founder of a Dubai lifestyle magazine Villa 88, called the winning bid. 

"All proceeds will go to breast cancer awareness and free detection at an earlier stage."

Wondering what's so special about it?

It's made of seven beef patties (one for each emirate), aged cheddar cheese, and veal bacon strips in a saffron brioche bun. There's a side of milkshake too. 

It was prepared by Russell Impiazzi, culinary director at Le Gourmet and Al Thani.

The auction - which took place at Le Gourmet in Dubai Mall's Galeries Lafayette - was part of Pink Caravan's breast cancer charity event.  

The auction raised a total of $29,633 (108,755 dirhams) for the cause. 

It's not the first luxury burger in Dubai. This 24k "Burg Khalifa" was sold for $63 earlier this year ...

Dubbed the 'Burg Khalifa', the massive burger was served during the Eat The World DXB festival earlier this year. 

With a gold leaf covering the bun, the burger was priced at 230 dirhams ($63).

To put it in perspective, that's as much as a one-way ticket from Dubai to Doha.

And remember the "Burger Khalifa" that was sold for $136 last year?

In 2016, Firebird Diner introduced a 500 dirham burger as part of the Burger Domination Week.