If you don't see the value in one rose, two roses, or a dozen of these red folded beauties, then prepare to be mind-boggled over The Weeknd's Valentine's Day gesture to Bella Hadid.

On Valentine's Day, the 28-year-old singer surprised Hadid with more than 24 boxes filled with red roses, according to E! News. So, if we were to assume each container had 30 roses, that's a total of 720 roses -- and that's us making a conservative estimate. 

That's not all. The singer also had five of the boxes designed with black letters that spelled out B-E-L-L-A. Rose petals, candles, and red teddy bears filled the table. According to E! News, the gesture cost the 28-year-old at least $8,000. 

Source: E! Online

Little teddy bears sit peacefully on the table

The couple first got together in May 2015, but called things off in November 2016 because of their busy schedules. 

However, they rekindled their love this year and confirmed they were officially back together after The Weeknd realized "he actually is still in love with Bella, and they reconnected."

And it's been a love-infused relationship since.

Lots of kisses

And some gossiping

Mirror selfies & whatnot

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