Whenever news comes out from the UAE these days, it's usually about renewable energy, and it's either from Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

But Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is not one to be left behind, with it's smart and green mosque being the first in the country, Khaleej Times reported. 

The mosque itself is not new, but is rather being refurbished. It's an old mosque in the Muairidh area. 

Dr Hisham Al Refaei Al Mansuri, the supervisor of the project, explained how it works: "The speakers of the mosque turn on automatically the moment the Imam stands on the carpet for leading prayers, and later turn off at the end of the prayer."

The lights are solar powered and also turn on and off automatically, depending on the time of prayer and the number of worshipers. The air-conditioning works similarly, and modifies its temperature to accommodate the weather changes in the UAE. 

The water in external tanks will also be monitored by solar panels, and will be recycled and purified in order to curb waste. Rainwater will also be collected and used for irrigation purposes. 

The renovation was a collaboration between 25 charity associations and is expected to save water and power worth AED 10,650 ($2,900) every year. 

The complete renewal cost AED 270,000 (≈$74,000).

This is not the first smart mosque in the UAE, but it is the greenest. In 2014, a mosque in Jumeirah became the first to have QR -aka Quick Response- codes, which allowed people to access information about its history, prayer timings, as well as lectures offered by the mosque at all times. 

Here's hoping all mosques in the UAE will become more user and environmentally friendly.