When your evenings are spent at gaming lounges, sitting on greasy desktops in a smoke-filled room, they turn into revelations. 

You will get the chance to meet so many interesting people, that you'll be lost whether to stay home or make these "man caves" your home.  

In the Arab world, as is the case elsewhere, these 13 types of Arab gamers will unveil to you ... once you lurk there enough.

1. The hermit with a home PC

Not sure they even tried socializing with people in gaming lounges before, and have probably gone for that $2,000 fully-equipped desktop directly. 

But they're one of the coolest gamers, honestly. You don't hear screams and curse words when their mic is on.

2. The Lebanese frenchie ... who's always raging

"Ya bgheu (bro), k*ss eukheut (ekhet/sister) hal chaghleh" ... and they run a river of French words infused with Arabic cuss words. 

They remain agitated, almost all the time. Why? I honestly don't know. 

3. The 12-year-old who only cusses

"Gamer: hey mate.

12-year-old: ay*eh fik." 

*Gamer leaves match*

4. The occasional girl

The rarity of this taking place is similar to gamers reaching a decent ping in the Arab world. 

When it does happen and a girl is seated on a PC in a gaming lounge, she's either treated like a princesse or like one of the bros. 

5. The one who f*cks up all the keys on the keyboard

How funny would it be to sabotage an entire row, or even better, an entire floor's keyboards? 

Your visits to the lounge will entail a key-hunting session before you sit and game. The A key is missing, the ctrl key is missing, and the K is replacing the W.  🤷‍♀️

6. The noob who keeps trying

It's a miracle they still have friends to game with. 

7. The "allahu akbar" guy

Isn't it hilarious to spread the beautiful stereotype of Arabs being terrorists? 

Ha Ha ... yes, please do scream "Allahu Akbar" with your mate imitating the sound of a bomb while playing with foreigners. 

8. The brilliant gamer

This person is flawless when it comes to gaming. Their fingers flow so smoothly on the keyboard that you're mesmerized by the sight. You wonder to yourself, "how come they don't go pro or stream?" 

Some might be arrogant, but others are ready to give you tips to better your skills. 

9. The owl who never goes home

Whether it's a weekend or weekday, they have a seat reserved - a seat that is seldom empty. 

"Gamer: Hey Issa, did you go home yesterday?

Issa: Nah, I've been here for the past 36 hours. *sips on energy drink*"

10. The one whose mother/father is always looking for them

Source: StepFeed

"Parent: Have you seen Mohammed? He didn't come home yesterday. 

Employee at lounge: No, I'm sorry. But he was here a couple of hours ago." 

11. The one always complaining about the internet speed

"Mich ma2boul hek! *throws keyboard on the ground, leaves*" 

In the Arab world, we say "rayyaj" - comes from the English word "rage." 

12. The control freak

They'll push you off the computer so they can play on your behalf ... because they're "10 times better than you and have the required skills." 

If you're a girl, it gets even better. On top of your head, they'll scream at you "awseh, rou7eh yamin, wlak awseh!" 

If they don't physically remove you from your seat, they will take over the keyboard and mouse, leaving you with just the headsets. Quite useful, really. 

13. The one with a "DO NOT TOUCH" sign on their seat ... and a shisha ready

Source: YouTbe

Yeah, yup, aha ... as soon as they set foot in the gaming lounge, a shisha is brought to them, as their majesty sits on their always-reserved throne.