With each episode we watch, we know that the future of Lebanon is in good hands. Perfectly manicured, designer and completely capable hands.

And what was the theme of this week's episode? After the spontaneous "skiing" of Farrah last week, this week was focused on "productivity" and reconciliation.

Farah is mad at Nadine.


Aline is convinced that Stella (the family dog) is having emotional and psychological problems because of Nadine's single status. This is rational.

Nadine is writing a letter to Farah, with stickers aka old school emojis.

Farah doesn't like stickers. How dare you Nadine!


Things got heated. And not in a scripted way at all. This is seriously real life, guys.

After the fight, Farah has to clean her soul and mind. She books an emergency life coach session. What else can a Sister do?

Aline lets Nadine knows that her single-ness is provoking Stella. The family dog.

Then there was a photoshoot.

And some reconciliation.


Then dinner. Each sister had one piece of sushi. Half of the day's calories.


And the dramatic day ended with a good sister talk ... or makeup time. Because, obviously.