Saudi adventurer and Snapchat celebrity Osama Al Dughairi is known for his love for wild animals. 

Clips of him training and spending time with untamable creatures often garner lots of attention. The latest of his adventures - in which he can be seen playing around with a bear - broke the internet. 

A video of the encounter led to a hilarious meltdown on Twitter after it uploaded on Monday. It has since amassed over 1.65 million views at the time of writing and continues to circulate on the platform. 

"What did I just watch?"

Drawing parallels

"Saudis are really this bored"

Valid questions were raised

"Wallahi Arabs are a whole new level"

A dose of humor had to be added

"How I fight my siblings"

The most Khaleeji thing you'll ever see?

"The Revenant in a nutshell"

Bears > Dogs

"Time to get a bear"

The Arab version of "Brother Nature"

"By far the funniest video of the year"