A lot of stars in the Arab world choose to change their names when they start their careers. Their new name is perceived to be more suited to their public image and it helps them to rapidly climb the ladder of fame.

Many classic Egyptian artists followed this practice. Here are 10 of the most prominent.

1. Umm Kalthoum


Her real name was Fatima Ibrahim Al-Beltagui and she was born in 1898 in the governorate of Dakahlia in the village of Tamay e-Zahayra.

2. Shadia


Her real name was Fatima Ahmad Kamal and she was born in 1931 in Cairo.

3. Ahmed Ramzy


His real name was Ramzy Mahmud Bayumi and he was born in 1930 in Alexandria.

4. Omar Sharif


His real name was Michel Dimitri Chalhoub and he was born in 1932 in Alexandria.

5. Wahid Seif


His real name was Mustafa Sayed Ahmed Seif and he was born in 1939 in Alexandria.

6. Nour El-Sherif


His real name was Mohamad Geber Mohamad ِAbd Allah and he was born in 1946 in the Cairo neighborhood of Sayeda Zainab in Cairo.

7. Sanaa Gamil


Her real name was Thoraya Youssef Atallah and she was born in 1930 in Upper Egypt.

8. Leila Taher


Her real name was Sharweet Mustafa Fahmi and she was born in 1942 in Cairo's Shubra neighborhood.

9. Huda Sultan


Her real name was Gamalat Abdel Aal El Hew and she was born in 1925 in the governorate of Gharbeya .

10. Yousra


Here real name was Civene Nassim and she was born in 1951 in Cairo.

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