Egyptian superstar Amr Diab is no stranger to making history; he's been part of most people's memory as his career spans a good 30 years in the music industry. Fans or not, the majority of Arabs know of his name ... and even that's kind of an understatement. 

This week, the record-breaking singer became the first-ever Arab celebrity to feature on a billboard in New York City's Times Square. An image of the singer was placed on the music streaming app Spotify's prominent ad space in the area. 

According to Spotify, the decision to use Diab's image in a campaign promoting the music and culture of the region was an easy one to make given that he has a huge following all around the world, not just in Arab countries. 

Putting the region aside, the audio-streaming company revealed that the singer is the most played Arab artist in the U.S., followed by Sweden, Germany, the UK, and Canada. 

Managing director of Spotify MENA Claudius Boller said the decision came in celebration of Diab's legacy. 

"Experiencing Amr Diab's devotion to Arabic music for nearly four decades straight and witnessing his fan base expand across the world is beyond incredible," he added.

"Spotify has allowed so many artists to connect with fans beyond borders and I am glad for that," pop star Diab explained. "Music is a language that speaks emotions and not only words. I am blessed to have touched people around the world with my music," he said in a statement, according to The National.

Naturally, the singer's huge Arab fanbase was thrilled with the news of his Times Square billboard and their excitement spread online. 

Fans are filled with pride

"This is literally a historic moment. Amr Diab is the first Arab singer to have his image displayed in Times Square. This is something that truly makes one proud." 

"Who's that lighting up Times Square in NYC?"

NYC-based fans got a glimpse of the billboard

Of course, they had to blast Diab's music next to it

Diab's career has spanned decades and it continues

The artist launched his music career in the early 80s, releasing tens of albums and hundreds of single tracks over the years. 

He is considered one of the best-selling singers in the region and sells out concerts all over the region and beyond. 

In 2016, Diab's achievements over a 30-year long career were recognized by Guinness World Records. At the time, he was awarded the title Most World Music Awards for Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist.