A genetic study conducted by Stuart Fleischmann, assistant professor of Comparative Genomics at the Swiss University in Cairo, suggests that some Egyptian pharaohs underwent genetic manipulation by advanced beings from another universe.

Yes, you read correctly, the all-mighty Egyptian pharaohs were genetically modified by aliens.

The study included nine DNA samples that have gone through a technique called Polymere Chain Reaction (PCR). This process is used to clone a single copy of DNA, enabling researchers to have a picture of someone's genetic imprint. Eight of the nine samples submitted came back with interesting anomalies. However, the ninth sample, belonging to Tutankhamun's father, Akhenaten, came back with a significant difference.

Image A is Akhenaten's DNA sample compared to a regular "human sample" in image B.

The DNA sample that was taken from Akhenaten was a fragment of brain tissue and was the source of initial testing. Although their findings were "conclusive," the team of scientists used yet another DNA sample taken from bone tissue and redid the tests; their findings were the same.

The highly controversial, and rather entertaining, evidence shows that the bone tissue of Akhenaten is substantially thicker, which can be an indicator of increased brain development. Which, of course, means he was an alien-hybrid.

For the sake of a good argument, assuming it's correct, then maybe powerful Egyptian pharaohs built the pyramids with a little help from a few friends in outer space.

Oddly, however, despite being widely quoted among, let's say fringe media, Fleischmann's original report seems impossible to track down. We hope the aliens didn't get to him.